2015 Coastal Storm Preseason Information

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Good afternoon AWS partners,

Atlantic hurricane season begins each year on June 1st; New York City is most at risk between August 1st and November 30th. Each year the New York City Emergency Management Department produces updated preparedness materials to help New Yorkers prepare for the effects of coastal storms.

The Ready New York: My Emergency Plan workbook walks New Yorkers through the steps of creating their own emergency plans: establishing a support network, capturing important health information, evacuation planning and gathering emergency supplies. This plan was created with special needs in mind and is available in 13 languages at the following link: http://www.nyc.gov/html/oem/html/ready/myemergencyplan_guide.shtml

This year, NYC Emergency Management has also released a new Know Your Zone website that combines all of our preparedness materials in one place along with our Zone Finder tool that shows users what Hurricane Evacuation Zone they live in and gives them the route to their closest Evacuation Center. The first step to making a plan starts here! http://nyc.gov/knowyourzone

NYC Emergency Management tracks all coastal storms that possibly could impact New York City. Please watch your email throughout storm season for important Advance Warning System messages that will give you the most up-to-date information on possible impacts to New York City and how these storms will impact your clients.

NYCEM Human Services Unit:

Human Services ESF List email distribution list (sends to all listed below): humanservicesESFList@oem.nyc.gov

Christopher Pagnotta
Advance Warning/Community Outreach Specialist
Cell: 347-578-1485

Johanna Conroy
Director of Human Services
Cell: 917-662-3295

Marianne Jackson
Special Needs Liaison
Cell: 646-879-7232

Eli Fresquez
Senior Human Services DAFN Planner
Cell: 347-386-0389

Cynthia Barton
Disaster Housing Recovery Program Manager
Cell: 917-468-2768

Jonas Ballreich
Human Services Emergency Preparedness Specialist
Cell: 347-374-1058

Jay Brandt
Human Services Emergency Preparedness Manager
Cell: 646-596-3147

Marnie Suss
Human Services Emergency Support Function Coordinator
Cell: 917-468-1728

Annette Santiago
Assistant Commissioner of Human Resources
Cell: 347-534-7028

Sonia Ajwani
Human Services Emergency Support Function Coordinator
Cell: 646-628-7684

Elizabeth Angeles
Human Services Emergency Support Function Coordinator
Cell: 646-628-7754

July 23, 2015