Advance Warning System - 2014 Coastal Storm Season

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Atlantic hurricane season begins each year on June 1, and New York City is most at risk between August 1 and November 30. Each year, the New York City Office of Emergency Management (NYC OEM) updates preparedness materials to help New Yorkers be ready for the potential effects of coastal storms. Two of the most helpful resources that have been developed to aid in hurricane season preparedness include the Ready NY: My Emergency Plan workbook, and the Know Your Zone website.

The Ready New York: My Emergency Plan workbook walks New Yorkers through the steps of creating their own emergency plans, and focuses attention on the following steps: establishing a support network, capturing important health information, planning for evacuation, and gathering emergency supplies. This workbook was created with an added goal of helping residents with special needs considerations become prepared, and is available in 13 languages on the OEM website by copy and pasting the following link:

This year, NYC OEM has also implemented a new Know Your Zone campaign to encourage NYC residents to find out whether they live in one of the city's six hurricane evacuation zones. The Know Your Zone website combines all of our preparedness materials in one place, along with our interactive Zone Finder tool that allows users to type in their home address to determine which (if any) hurricane evacuation zone they live in. In addition, it provides them with the route to their closest evacuation center in the event the shelter system is activated. The Know Your Zone website can be accessed here:

NYC OEM tracks all coastal storms that could possibly impact New York City. Please monitor your email throughout this Atlantic hurricane season for important Advance Warning System messages that will give you the most up to date weather information and potential impacts to your clients.

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August 07, 2014