Plan For hazards

New York City is no stranger to natural and man-made hazards. Learn how you can plan ahead for these hazards and take steps to mitigate the risks your organization faces.

Coastal Storms & Hurricanes

Coastal storms, including nor'easters, tropical storms and hurricanes, can and do affect New York City. It's important New Yorkers take the time to prepare. All residents should have a plan in the event they need to evacuate or ride out the storm at home. Read more

Winter Weather

New York City winters, which often bring extreme cold, heavy snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain, can pose serious hazards.

It's important to prepare for winter weather-related dangers. There are several steps you can take to stay safe before, during, and after winter storms. Read More

Utility Disruptions

Utility disruptions —including power, gas, water, and phone service — are a nuisance but can also be life threatening. While prolonged utility disruptions do not occur often, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Read More

Other Hazards

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October 25, 2019